Crystal Grids

Crystal Grids!! ✨ I love making crystal grids for giving my manifestations an extra sparkly boost! They are so simple and easy to use, so today I am going to give you a few grid ideas and let you in on the reason why us crystal lovers like them so much!

What are crystal grids you might ask?? Well, they are grids of crystals formed in a geometrical shape (found in sacred geometry) to allow us to attract more of what we want into our lives by working with the law of attraction! We build grids that include quartz crystals, as their energy is amplified ten fold when formed in a geometric shape. Quartz crystals are natural energy amplifiers so they are a must in any crystal grid! Together with the setting of our intentions, grids are powerful tools for manifesting.

What will you need to set up your crystal grid –

I like to keep my grids pretty basic, however feel free to get creative with yours and make them as basic or elaborate as you like!

  • 1 large centre stone that matches your intention for your grid, for example –

Rose Quartz –  Love

Citrine – Abundance

Amethyst – Enhanced Intuition / Connection to your Higher Self

Green Adventurine – Health

  •  6 – 12 Single Terminated Clear Quartz Points – These are what we will use to give the main ‘Intention’ stone its energy.
  • 1 Double terminated (point at both ends) clear quartz crystal, for energising your grid.

Now for the fun part!!!

Find a safe place to put your crystal grid that is out of the way of anything that may disrupt it, you will want to have your grid set up for around a month, depending on your intention (any longer and you will want to re-activate it to give it a nice energy boost).

let’s get started,

1) Place your crystals, starting with your main centre stone followed by your clear quartz amplifier stones. Your clear quartz points should be facing pointed end into the middle, aiming them at your centre stone. I like to use around twelve quartz points for my grids, however anything above 6 is fine. (Check out my little video below to see what I mean 💛)

2) Set your desired intention to empower your grid while using your double terminated quartz to link the energy of your grid to activate it. Take the time to visualise what it is you would like your grid to bring into your life. For example if it is Love that you desire, imagine what it would feel like to be in love, really feel those love feelings. 💗

3) Your Done!! I like to go back to mine everyday or so and say a little affirmation like ‘thank you for bringing love into my life’ or whatever goes with your particular intention for your grid.

Like I said at the start, grids can be as basic or elaborate as you like, have fun and create something amazing and unique to you! The point is to set your intention and be crystal clear on what it is you would like to manifest for yourself. Keep positive and don’t forget to ‘fill your cup’, then before you know it you will see the results of your beautiful manifestations!!

Happy grid making beauties!! ✨✨✨


To find out about learning more about crystals, check out out Crystal Healing Certification Course HERE xx

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