Manifest Your Best Year With These 3 Tools

Are you ready to give your manifestations a boost??

You’ve read the books, your getting clear on what it is you want to create in your life & your feeling positive, sending out good vibes to the universe. Go you!! However sometimes it can be hard to stay on track and be positive all of the time, which helps when you are trying to align with whatever  it is you want to manifest in your life, so I have three beautiful tools that will help you to remain balanced, feeling good and aligned with your dreams!

1) Crystals 

Yes this is an obvious one coming from me considering I LOVE crystals, but they are amazing for balancing emotions and keeping you focused! Here’s a few of my faves to get you started –

prodmainimg9151Citrine – This beauty is perfect for giving you inspiration and keeping you on track to obtaining whatever it is you dream about! The fiery energy of this stone is also great for staying motivated and moving forward. Perfect to use when you want to attract more abundance into your life!!


85065_rosequartz_rough_hero_1355961795558Rose Quartz – The stone of love, rose quartz helps you stay in alignment with love energy, another very important aspect of manifesting and if it is love that you want to bring into your life, then this is the stone to use.



Quartz Crystal – Quartz is an amazing energy amplifier so it goes without saying that because thoughts are energy, quartz with give them an extra boost. Also when using quartz with other crystals is is able to enhance the healing energy of that particular crystal!



2) Essential Oils 

Essential oils have amazing mood boosting qualities that enter the body very quickly when used topically or aromatically to produce fast acting effects. My favourite mood enhancing blends are dōTERRA’s Motivate – for encouraging confidence & Cheer – to counteract negative emotions providing you with a boost of happiness and positivity!!

3) A Notebook

This is a super easy one, and also one that will help you to get VERY clear on what you would like your life to look like! There’s a few ways you can use this so work out what feels good for you and go with that. I like to use mine as a journal, it helps me to get out of my head and write whatever comes up for me, whether it be problem solving or talking about my day, writing down the dreams I had the night before or writing about how I’m feeling and pulling a few cards from my oracle deck. I also like to spend time writing about what I am grateful for in my life, because being grateful ensures you will attract more of what you want into your life! You could spend time writing about your dream life or drawing, whatever you do, be sure to keep it positive & let yourself write whatever it is you like, this is your personal space to be completely you!!



– Happy Manifesting Beauties!! xx

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