Essential Oils

There’s a huge Essential Oil movement going on at the moment and I have many people asking me… Why? Whats so special about Essential Oils?

Well, let me tell you why I choose to use Essential Oils in my life. For starters, It is my belief that emotions have the potential to create dis-ease in the body. Long held negative emotions can be very dangerous in terms of your health, as they can create stress in the body forming many types of diseases we see in the world today. There are many ways we can begin to shift emotions within ourselves, and my favourite way is to use Essential Oils & Crystals. Essential oils are able to effect every single cell in your body within 20 minutes of coming into contact with them, this includes your emotional body also, so you can see why oils can have a dramatic effect on your whole being!

The other reason I love them so much is because not only do they have an effect on your emotions, they can also help with many physical issues as well, from burns, to insect bites, working with your body on a cellular level to promote wellness, reducing your toxic load giving you a beautiful natural alternative for your family’s wellness needs, cleaning, cooking, beauty… the list goes on, I have been able to replace all of the toxic yuckies in my home with essential oils!

The next thing I get asked is… Why dōTERRA??? 

The reason I chose to go with dōTERRA is because their Essential Oils are grown, harvested and carefully distilled by experienced growers from around the world from the place that the plant is indigenous to, therefore ensuring the essential oils are of the highest purity possible, they test their oils 7 different ways to make sure that they are pure and safe for therapeutic use. The also use third party testing, so there’s no bias when it comes to results!

Not all Essential Oils are created equal, companies can label their essential oils ‘pure’ and they may only contain 10% pure essential oils, with the rest being a carrier oil or some other filler. This is another reason why I choose dōTERRA oils over any other company.

I also love their business model, ease of ordering and AMAZING monthly incentives and freebies!!

Lastly, I have been able to create a beautiful tribe of people who love using essential oils too! I love teaching about how to incorporate essential oils into your life because I truly believe they have the ability to make a difference!

Do you want to bring some Essential Oil goodness into your life?

Join me with a dōTERRA membership and you can purchase your Essential Oils at wholesale prices (25% off) plus you will have access to monthly freebies, discounts and all the extras joining my tribe has to offer – check them out HERE!

To Join – Click on my link –

  • Click on the ‘Join & Save’ tab
  • Choose your language & country you would like to ship to
  • Click LOCAL OTG if you are ordering within Australia
  • Choose ‘Wholesale Prices’ – ignore the ‘preferred customer’ option
  • Fill out your details!

Next you can choose your kit like the ones pictured below!

OR select your $35 membership intro pack and type in any oils you would like to add to your order!

Lastly, fill in your payment details and your done!! You should receive an email from dōTERRA with all your membership details and once I receive your membership details, I will send you your welcome email!!